April 19, 2013

Visiting the Claremont Farmer's Market

 local produce

Farmer's Market, Market Night, Street Fair.  Everyone has their own name for it, but visiting these local events is one of my favorite things to do, especially as the weather starts to warm up. 

I've been very lucky to have a Friday night event in my very own town that I frequent at least a couple times a month. The Monrovia Street Fair and Farmer's Market is one of my favorite places. I grew up hanging out there every week while my parents sold their crafts, and now I go to support the local vendors. They have a great selection of handmade gifts and jewelry, as well as a produce and food selection that rocks! I just can't get enough, so I am trying to branch out and visit other local markets in my area to discover new vendors and items that I've never seen before.

market flowers plants 
sweet fresh strawberries

I enjoyed taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and visiting the Claremont Farmers and Artisans Market with my friends Katy and Kyle of Our Brand on a beautiful Sunday morning.  This event is located in the Claremont Village on Sunday's from 8am to 1pm.  The location is on Second St. with vendors lining the small street and lots of local shops and restaurants in the vicinity.  We browsed through fresh, organic produce and goods, flowers and plants, and specialty arts and crafts.  All of the vendors were very friendly and their offerings were fabulously beautiful. 

fresh produce spring onion

We took one lap to view all of the vendors, try some samples, and scope out what we would come back for.  We left there with some tried and true favorites and some new discoveries as well. 

fresh organic vegetablesfresh organic local vegetables
We also stopped in to some of the local brick and mortar shops.  The first was Heirloom.  It was definitely our kind of place.  On their site they describe their shop as one that sells "hundreds of items handmade with loving care by people around the block as well as around the world". One of the owners, Becky, was lovely and spoke to Kyle and Katy about doing some consignment.  The shop was so cute, the displays were handmade and so unique!  I can't wait to go back!

handmade gifts heirloom
handmade crafts heirloom claremont
Our next stop was the Folk Music Center.  I have never been a musician, and one of my big regrets was not learning any musical instruments when I was younger.  Now, this may sound like an excuse (because it most definitely is), but I've always had trouble getting my right hand to do move in a different rhythm than my left hand!  Katy has recently taken to the ukulele and wanted to go check out the selection at this shop.  This shop has tons of very unique folk music instruments covering every inch of the walls!  We spent a very fun hour playing around with them, unfortunately leaving the store empty handed, but with plenty of intention of returning.  Katy is trying to decide between an electric ukulele or a banjolele, any suggestions for her?

folk music center claremont
claremont folk music centerfriend playing banjolele folk music center clarement
Have you ever been to any really awesome street fairs, farmer's markets or local stores that you would suggest?  I'd love to hear about them and explore them for myself!

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