July 22, 2014

Handmade Gift: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I cannot TIE THE KNOT without you by my side.  Will you be my Bridesmaid?

How I popped the question. 

bridesmaid gift champagne ring bow

Allow me to impart some history... In early Roman Times, bridesmaids formed a king of bridal infantry as they accompanied the bride to the groom's village.  This "protective shield" of similarly outfitted bridesmaids was supposed to intervene if any wayward thugs or vengeful suitors tried to hurt the bride or steal her dowry. 

However, the Western bridesmaid tradition seems to have originated from later Roman law, which required ten witnesses at a wedding in order to outsmart evil spirits believed to attend marriage ceremonies. The bridesmaids and ushers dressed in identical clothing to the bride and groom, so that the evil spirits wouldn't know who was getting married.

Luckily, I didn’t have to pick my bridal party with any of these factors in mind! I chose the women I wanted to stand by my side on the happiest day of my life.  Ladies that had stood by my side before, and ones that I knew would be by my side in the future.  I knew exactly who my maids were going to be.. to be honest, I probably knew years ago!

bridesmaids bridesmaids

bridesmaids bridesmaids

bridesmaids bridesmaids

Veronica, Kevine and Katy have all seen me at my happiest and at my saddest. Together we have grown up, acted crazy, had sleepovers, sang and danced, gotten plastered, cried, laughed and loved.  It means so much to me that they will be with me throughout this process.  And I have already promised them that there will be no ugly dresses, no poofy sleeves, and no bridezilla.  The only things that I can promise them is that there will be fun, dancing, a little happy crying, and free booze!
bridesmaids friends girls ladies

I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to help me tie the knot in a special way.  (Thank goodness for Pinterest!) I decided to ask them at my engagement party, mostly because I just couldn’t wait any longer!! For two out of three of them I hope it was a surprise… For those of you that don’t know, Kevine had called me the morning of the party and told me she wouldn’t be able to make it after all… I cried my eyes out and had to spill the beans over the phone and she was able to swing by for a little to celebrate with us.   

Once everyone was there, I gathered the girls and presented them each with a gift.  Inside contained a bottle of pink champagne, a cute notebook with a personal message inside, and a ring from Mu-Yin Jewelry.  I figured that, after the recent events in my life, that I wanted to POP THE QUESTION too! 

bridesmaids gift surprise

bridesmaids gift

bridesmaids gift surprise

bridesmaids gift ring bow tie the knot

bridesmaid gift bow rings gold

I really mean it when I say that I can’t tie the knot without these ladies by my sides, just in case any wayward thugs or vengeful suitors show up! <3

bridesmaids hug

bridesmaid hug friend

bridesmaid hug friends
bridesmaid gift bow rings gold silver bridesmaids

Pink and gold boxes: HomeGoods
Flowers and fillers and ribbon: Michael's
Craft Paper and cutter: Hobby Lobby
Champagne: Barefoot Bubbly
Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Handmade Bow Rings: Mu-Yin Jewelry Etsy Shop



  1. Oh my! These gift boxes look amazing! :D I know yoll have the most amazing wedding as well! xoxo

    1. Thanks Molly! Your rings were a great addition thanks to your beautiful craftsmanship!

  2. I love your idea about the rings, they look so cute!

    Best regards,